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Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
I still don't think we go DE early in the draft, I believe we're fine with Ayers starting, and that we'll pick up Freeney as well later into camp. I think that's already a done deal, we're just waiting until after the draft to announce it for competitive reasons.

I think MLB, SS, and RB are the first three selections. For sure. I'm partial to Lacy, Bostic, and Shawn Williams. But I'd be fine with Minter, Bell, and Swearinger as well.

I want DE/OLB Eric Martin in Round 4 or 5. He can back up Miller, maybe the only guy in the draft outside the 1st Round that has that skillset.

WR in the late rounds makes sense since we're short on depth, and I'll be thrilled if we draft any of my 7th Round sleepers from the mock draft game.

im similar to you MUG- I keep tinkering with my mock or how I see things, but I have had it listed as a trade back to end of1 early 2 and then doing this:

2a. Jon Cyprien- I like DJ swearinger better tbh, but my mock doesnt work if we take him later so i put cyps here. I just dont see them passing up a great SS

2b.Barrett Jones- as far as I know we do not have another C on the roster and the line played better when JD went out. We've also been real quiet about Centers.

3. John Simon- Now we can get our guy to rush the passer. Ive been watching a bunch of games last year and Ayers surpringly was not doing all that bad. Really, I'm serious. So I think we roll with Ayers, and like you said look at freeney if he drops his $. With Simon he is insurance and could be a baller

4. Christine Micheal- Now we get our RB...I doubt he lasts this far but I hope so. Another poster who is a hardcore Texas guy- and solid evaluator had some good insight on the off field issues about this kid. If what he says is correct, then really there are no issues that we would worry about in the future. He just went the wrong way about complaining.

5. Kev Reddick- I didnt buy the whole "were going to let irving and johnson and new guy battle out the MLB spot" but I think Irving is the goods and maybe they are telling the truth and not bluffing cuz they want Teo. Reddick is a late round baller who is worth a shot.

I wouldnt mind you guy eric wright, but I cant find anything on him. Hard man to see play apparantly. But he and WR would be good about here.

Thats how I saw things going down.
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