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I still don't think we go DE early in the draft, I believe we're fine with Ayers starting, and that we'll pick up Freeney as well later into camp. I think that's already a done deal, we're just waiting until after the draft to announce it for competitive reasons.

I think MLB, SS, and RB are the first three selections. For sure. I'm partial to Lacy, Bostic, and Shawn Williams. But I'd be fine with Minter, Bell, and Swearinger as well.

I want DE/OLB Eric Martin in Round 4 or 5. He can back up Miller, maybe the only guy in the draft outside the 1st Round that has that skillset.

WR in the late rounds makes sense since we're short on depth, and I'll be thrilled if we draft any of my 7th Round sleepers from the mock draft game.
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