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Mayock has him now as his #1 CB and said he'll be a Top 20 Selection. He also stated that most, but not all, teams have cleared him medically in concerns to his heart injury (Probably after consulting the Army Rangers!)

Seriously, did anyone see THIS coming?

I thought he was a 3rd - 5th Round talent at best if he was completely healthy, and that his heart condition might make him undraftable.

But Top 10 or 20?? From dinky ass Houston? His best tape is against Louisiana Tech for God's sake. And I'm not convinced Quinton Patton is that good in the first place.

This just feels too risky to me. He didn't even get to play in the All Star competitions because of his heart. Nobody has seen him against the top competition. And he's a JUCO guy with only 1.5 years in college.

I think this is ridiculous. Mediator, I know you like him, but isn't this a bit too loco for a guy with 20ish weiner conference games to his name
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