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Mat'hir Uth Gan
Is It Draft Day Yet?

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I drafted most of my favorite sleepers in the 7th Round:

DE/LB Eric Martin, Nebraska
OT Roger Gaines, Tennessee State
S Cody Davis, Texas Tech
RB Michael James, Miami

I also really like:

DT AJ Francis, Maryland
CB Mike Edwards, Hawaii

And this UCF RB, Latavius Murray that Jebures found looks really interesting.

I'll list all my UDFAs as Sleepers, because I feel they are. Except for Locke, whom laughingly fell to Free Agency #2. I'm not overly high on Replogle or Rallis either, but I really like my first 12 UDFAs.

1. Colby Cameron, QB, Louisiana Tech 6’2, 215
Stats: 69%, 4147 Yds, 7.9 YPA, 31TDs, 5INTs, 177RYds, 4TDs
Measurables: 4.71 40, 30 Vert, 112 Broad, 4.28 Shuttle, 6.98 3 Cone.
Awards: Sammy Baugh Award (Nation’s top passer), WAC Offensive Player of the Year, ALL-WAC 1st Team
Notes: Set college football’s all time record with 444 passes without an interception. Extremely accurate QB with good mobility, only knock is his height and deep arm strength.
Compares favorably to Andy Dalton.
Draft Grade: 6th Round.

2. PJ Lonergan, OC, LSU 6’3, 305
Stats: Leader of LSU O-line, 4 year starter. Really peaked my interest after I watched him dominate Alabama’s Jesse Williams when they matched up 1v1. Not a great athlete, but looks like a technician type with solid strength.
Measurables: 5.23 40, 26 Vert, 92 Broad, 4.93 Shuttle, 8.01 3 Cone, 25 Reps.
Draft Grade: 6th Round.

3. Marcus Cromartie, CB, Wisconsin 6’0, 195
Stats: 62 Tackles, 12 Passes Defended, 1 INT.
Measurables: 4.35 40, 34 Vert, 121 Broad, 4.19 Shuttle, 6.85 3 Cone, 14 Reps.
Awards: ALL BIG 10 Honorable Mention
Notes: Prototype NFL CB with size and speed, came on very strong his senior season.
Draft Grade: 6th Round.

4. John Lotulelei, LB, UNLV 5’11, 235
Stats: 121 Tackles, 2 Stuffs, 1INT, 2 Passes Defended, 2 Forced Fumbles
Measurables: 4.65 40, 35 Vert, 122 Broad, 4.30 Shuttle, 6.91 3 Cone, 25 Reps.
Awards: ALL MOUNTAIN WEST 1st Team, Butkus Watch List.
Notes: Explosive and athletic LB that only really started a full year. Came from JUCO.
Draft Grade: 6th Round.

5. Chris Hubbard, OG/OC, UAB 6’4, 295
Stats: Massive sleeper. Dominating RT prospect that will move inside to OG or OC. Elite athleticism and work ethic. Drew a ton of attention at UAB’s Pro Day and also was invited to workout at Alabama’s Pro Day, where he stole the show with his 4.71 40.
Measurables: 4.71 40, 28 Vert, 108 Broad, 4.69 Shuttle, 7.52 3 Cone
Draft Grade: 6th Round.

6. Akeem Shavers, RB, Purdue 5’10, 200
Stats: 181C, 871 Yds, 4.8 YPC, 6TDs, 18 Rec, 370 Yds, 3TDs
Measurables: 4.40 40, 39 Vert, 131 Broad, 4.27 Shuttle, 6.89 3 Cone, 19 Reps.
Notes: Was timed between 4.35 and 4.47 at his Pro Day. Explosive athlete. JUCO player, so only really started this season. High developmental upside.
Draft Grade: 7th Round.

7. Sheldon Price, CB, UCLA 6’2, 190
Stats: 37 Tackles, 1 Stuff, 4INT, 5 Passes Defended, 1 Blocked Kick.
Measurables: 4.42 40, 39 Vert, 126 Broad, 4.4 Shuttle, 7.10 3 Cone, 6 Reps.
Notes: Excellent athlete with prototype size/speed for the CB position. 4 Year starter, but still a project that needs refinement and serious strength training.
Draft Grade: 7th Round.

8. Lucas Reed, TE, New Mexico 6’6, 250
Stats: 5 Rec, 37 Yds.
Measurables: 4.65 40, 37 Vert, 124 Broad, 4.08 Shuttle, 6.99 3 Cone, 25 Reps.
Notes: New Mexico does not throw the ball now, but they did a few years ago and Reed put up solid numbers. Is the brother of Houston’s Brooks Reed. Very good athlete that is an all-around TE with plenty of experience run blocking. A sleeper.
Draft Grade: 7th Round – UDFA.

9. Dennis Johnson, RB/KR, Arkansas 5’7, 196
Stats: 137C, 757 Yds, 8TDs, 25 Rec, 160 Yds, 2TDs
Measurables: 4.48 40, 32.5 Vert, 118 Broad, 4.53 Shuttle, 7.13 3 Cone, 21 Reps.
Notes: Darren Sproles type. Was very effective as a Kick Returner his Freshman and Sophomore years, combining for 2036 Yards on 81 Returns, a 24.0 YPR average with 2 TDs.
Draft Grade: 7th Round – UDFA.

10. Jeff Locke, P, UCLA 6’1, 209
Stats: 77 Punts, 3337 Yards, 43.3 Avg
Awards: ALL PAC 12 First Team.
Notes: Incredibly talented Punter with excellent hang time and placement ability. Also a phenomenal Kickoff specialist, having gotten a Touchback on 68 of 89 Kickoffs, a 76% clip.
Draft Grade: 6th Round

11. Kemal Ishmael, S, Central Florida 5’11, 201
Stats: 124 Tackles, 5 Stuffs, 1 Sack, 3 INT, 4 Passes Defended, 5 Forced Fumbles.
Measurables: 4.63 40, 35.5 Vert, 123 Broad, 4.28 Shuttle, 6.75 3 Cone, 21 Reps.
Awards: Conference USA Defensive Player of the Year. Conference USA First Team.
Notes: Good athlete, 4 year starter, absolutely dominating Senior season. A little undersized, but should be great as a subpackage guy.
Draft Grade: 7th Round – UDFA.

12. Jamaal Johnson-Webb, OT, Alabama A&M 6’5, 313
Stats: Started football his Senior season in High School. Started all 4 years in college, the last three at OT. Needs an NFL weight lifting program for sure, but has enough mobility to stick at RT along with massive 35 ¾ arms. A 3 year project, but one with starting RT upside.
Draft Grade: 7th Round - UDFA

13. Adam Replogle, DT, Indiana 6’2, 300
Stats: 70 Tackles, 13 Stuffs, 4 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble
Measurables: 5.08 40, 31 Vert, 106 Broad, 4.71 Shuttle, 7.62 3 cone, 38 Reps.
Awards: ALL BIG 10 2nd TEAM
Notes: Extremely strong but marginal athlete. Lacks size and quickness. Hard working type that might find a spot on the back end of a D-line rotation.
Draft Grade: UDFA

14. Mike Rallis, LB, Minnesota 6’1, 243
Stats: 80 Tackles, 5 Stuffs, 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble
Measurables: 4.69 40, 38 Vert, 126 Broad, 4.45 Shuttle, 7.20 3 cone, 25 Reps.
Notes: Good size and athleticism for an ILB prospect. Not overly productive, but was one of the best prospects at Minnesota and 28 teams went to their Pro Day. I also had to use the last of my salary cap.
Draft Grade: UDFA
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