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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
It's more than a lifestyle. That you dismiss the seriousness of properly raising a child with such a glib remark is telling.
The vast majority of abortions are because of lifestyle, nothing more. Simply because it's a fact doesn't mean I'm glib about it.

Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
At what point is a fertilized egg a "someone"? That very instant?
Life begins at conception. Killing an embryo is done for one reason and one reason only--to stop the birth of another person. If a woman becomes pregnant by mistake, why is the baby killed? If two people commit a mistake, why is the third person killed?

You cannot defend this. No sane and rational person can. Therefore, you will justify this murder by calling the baby a "zygote". Just like like Dr. Mengele called his victoms "subjects." Lots of things can be justified if you dehumanize the victom.

Or, you will simply state the obvious, that you don't value human life. For many liberal extemists, human life is no more valuable than that of any other animal, which again, gives you justification for murder.

Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Typical response from the left. You complain about not having solutions and I offer a solution and you say "why?" like what I've proposed will change nothing. Then you argue things like more gun laws and justify this by saying "if it saves one life is it not worth it?"

So which is it? I've offered a solution that can possible save millions of lives. It's not perfect and of course you will still have your back alley Gosnells around, but it's better than 56 million state sanctioned murders.

Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Abortion may be the least worst. Do you disagree?
Obviously I disagree. Abortion has been abused by our society. IMHO, we as a civilized society should do whatever it takes to "protect the innocent and those who cannot speak for themselves, nor protect themselves" like unborn children and the mentally handicapped and the elderly, etc.

The liberals justify state-sanctioned murder on a massive scale. 56 million abortions and counting. It's only a matter of time before these same "enlightened" people justify post birth abortion or infanticide. It's only a matter of time before these same "enlightened" people justify killing off those born with birth defects. It's only a matter of time before embryos are engineered to exact designer specifications or aborted because the mom doesn't like the color of the eyes (Welcome Dr. Mengele). It's only a matter of time before our "free" and "just" society terminates mentally and physically handicap because "they aren't wanted" just like all these 56 million babies "aren't wanted." Hey, it's just a choice to kill these less-than-human humans, right?

Welcome to paradise.

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