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I think one reason we lost last yr was Kuper not playing well in the playoffs. He sort of got rag dolled. Granted he was banged up big time. We just aren't physical at all inside on the oline. Vasquez a good player but not a mean nasty physical guard. If we got Cooper, Warford, or Warmack it would give us that physcial presence we need to anchor our whole line togther. The missing link between Franklin and Clady that will end our softness inside and make us mean and nasty.

Maybe we could trade the first, Beadles, to a passing team to move up just enough to draft Cooper. Or we could trade down to top of 2nd and take a guy like Fluker or Warford if they drop.

Or even wait until later and take a guard like Brian Winters who could at least give us more depth. i don't see him as nasty like Cooper and Warmack.
Chance is going to be great, but he would cost Denver too much. There are plenty of good guards. I'm not sure Denver is looking for a starter in this draft. I think they trade down into the 2nd round pick up a 4th and use a 4th or 5th on a guard. With Vasquez coming in and Kuper moving over to compete with Beadles I think Denver is fine. They have more pressing needs at this point.
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