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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by shalowlow View Post
I don't think he has any inside knowledge either, but the fact remains that a GM should probably draft a qb every draft.
That's BS. While QB is very important, you don't draft one every single year, when you already have a HOF QB on your team and a 2nd round pick you are developing. You can't expect to bring in some low pick every year, give them jack squat for starter reps (because they're going to the #1 & #2 QB) and expect them to look like anything you might keep. You certainly can't justify using a high pick on a QB when you have your #1 and #2 established, especially with one a HOF'er and the other coming along quite nicely.

I would say if you're a team like the Cardinals, who are still looking for "that" guy, then yeah, draft 1 every year by all means. But not in a situation like the Broncos have.
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