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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
People are against background checks in general because like here in Colorado, they're being abused to register guns on the sly. Gun registration is illegal in the Colorado constitution, yet the Colorado Bureau of Investigation demands to know now only everything but your personal measurements but also the type of gun you're buying. Why? I decided to switch from buying a pistol to a rifle and the gun shop had to call the CBI mid-background check to tell them I changed my mind on my purchase so they could update the record.


Pelosi basically wants to ban all semiautomatic rifles, period. To say that's unconstitutional is an understatement. We already have unconstitutional laws on the books as it is, such as magazine size limits. The Heller decision stated that it's illegal to outlaw common-use defensive handguns. How can it then be OK to outlaw common-use accessories for those handguns?

BS. People support BG checks by wide margins.

Heller also stated that guns can be regulated & that Machine guns and the like can be banned.
It's funny how you continue to ignore that part of the ruling.

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