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mellon head

Exempts many sales from background checks:

The bill doesn't alter current laws exempting background checks for gun transfers between friends and families. (Think about it anyone that was caught with a hand gun would say, "I got it from my daddy or uncle").

It also wouldn't require checks for other private sales if the guns weren't advertised.

Leaves open a gun-show loophole, someone looking to buy a gun could find a private seller and "agree to meet after the show in the parking lot or at a convenient location and make the sale, with no background check."

Exempt background checks in some rural area that would allow dealers who live more than 100 miles away from a licensee to skip background checks.

Exempts background checks for concealed-carry permit holders

Allows the interstate sale of handguns

Nearly 80 percent of inmates arrested for handgun crimes got their gun from someone other than a licensed dealer, according to a recent Johns Hopkins survey.
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