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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I don't understand Reggies plan

He finds a backup RB who averages a 2.8 YPC after blowing out his knee? Smith is a scrub. Must be trying to fill out the roster for TC?

They dont have much cap room so they are signing a lot of 1 year split contracts and "prove it" type deals.... if a few of these guys pan out, it will be like an NBA situation where we can offer them the most money to re sign

[QUOTE]Reggie Smith and running back Rashad Jennings – . Smith signed for one-year on a $715,000, split salary with no bonus. Jennings salary is also a one-year deal with a split salary. Jennings contract is worth only $630,000, however.

In signing “split contracts,” McKenzie has essentially taken out insurance on Smith and Jennings. Split contracts are commonly signed by players with a long history of injuries, something that neither Smith nor Jennings really have. Sure, both have missed time — even full seasons — but those injuries were anomalies in otherwise healthy careers. In effect, split contracts become guaranteed on a week to week basis. For every week the player stays healthy, they receive 1/16th of their salary. In Smith’s case, for every week he stays healthy and plays, he’ll earn $44,687.50. Jennings will earn $39,375. Should the player become injured, his contract is essentially voided without penalty to the salary cap.[/QUOTE]
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