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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
oh boy.......

On a serious note. Friend of mine just left Mexico after working there for several months. He says the border is cracking way down on illegal immigrants slipping thru. Also he said the Americans have to show ID now. Each one is checked in the system. If you have an outstanding warrant you will be arrested on the spot. Hey it's a start. If nothing else we can start cleaning our country up by locking up felons fleeing from justice. Once the word gets out our felons will end up staying in Mexico since they won't be able to get back in. Maybe it's a fair trade for all the illegals coming our way.
They say 13 yrs to get citzenship? Hell any mexican willing to learn English, jump through hoops for 13 yrs, stay out of trouble, pay back tax deserves to be an American IMO lol. I think many Mexicans working here don't really want it that bad and may just go back to mexico. Which IMO would be good because they need all the help they can get building economy. Until mexico develops its own economy instead of the leach like relationship they have with America they can't reach full potential. Which IMO is great they have everything you need. Population, land, natural resources, access to the sea on both sides of country. Hell Mexico should be a world power not a 3rd world country.
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