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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
He had 3 games over 300 yards, 6 games under 200 yards, in only 2 of those 6 games did he get taken out early. Taking out Murray State and Savannah State which are 2 teams he should have curb-stomped, he is down to 19 TDs and 9 INTs which is just not great. He barely cracks the top 20 for yards and he is nowhere near the top 20 for TDs and it is not like he didn't have help, defenses had to respect the run a great deal.

His decision time looks decent on many plays because of how often he goes to his number 1 read, but when he goes through progressions he has a nasty tendency of double pumping the ball and he absolutely stares down his number 1 guy, I haven't seen him look off the defense a single time.

FSU played 2 lower tier teams, they played 7 teams who were outside the top 50 defensive teams, they played 3 teams between 20 and 50 and only 2 of the top 20 teams in terms of defense. That is a weak schedule in terms of defense and definitely not a program that a top QB prospect should have any problems overcoming.
Like I said, you didn't watch much FSU football. He was taken out early in more than two games. And as I said, the team ran for 2,800 + yards. Of course he isn't going to have high passing yards overall when that happens and you have 3 RB's who average what they did a carry. The first read comment is a bunch of **** too.
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