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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Women have a right to abortion. What makes your RKBA superior?

If no gun control will ever stop the deaths and injuries from misuse of firearms, why do you think abortion can be stopped? Ideas?

Note that as a male, your views are less credible since you'll never be pregnant.
As other's have stated, I believe a woman should have a right to an abortion but only in certain cases, not because someone's lifestyle will be affected. Just because two people make a mistake, this does not mean that the third individual should be killed. Sorry, it does not. Name one other instant in a civilized society (supposedly) where you have the right to kill someone else for your mistake.

Abortion should always be the last option. The absolute last possible option, only after ever other option has been exhausted. If the woman insists on abortion even though she has no reasonable argument for the abortion (her life is not in danger) then if she still gets an abortion, the man who got her pregnant should be charged with murder. BINGO, PROBLEM OF ABORTIONS JUST WENT AWAY.

You don't think men would be a hella more responsible if they knew they could be charged with murder if the little lady got an abortion? Also, don't you think the woman will reconsider this abortion and hold the man accountible for this baby too? Furthermore, don't you think the state would be more apt to help both the mother and the father if they were married and agreed to help raise the child?

So many better possibilities exist my friend. We are just too damn lazy to figure them out.
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