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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
We will never, ever be rid of the human condition which is ripe with evil tendencies. The left argues for gun control saying it will prevent further deaths. The left then justifies mass murder on a huge scale saying it's freedom of choice.

I have absolutely no respect for any liberal who justifies abortion (56 million alone in the USA since R v W and primarily affecting the poor and the minorities) while at the same time taking away my right to own a gun because some nut case who broke all the existing laws went on a shooting spree. This alone is a huge disconnect that the liberal agenda does not understand.

The hypocrisy of the leftist liberals is extreme and the sad thing is, they are blind to it. Tote the party line, goose step to their agenda, or be labeled a bigot and uneducated. This is the liberal agenda in the USA and it's sad.
Women have a right to abortion. What makes your RKBA superior?

If no gun control will ever stop the deaths and injuries from misuse of firearms, why do you think abortion can be stopped? Ideas?

Note that as a male, your views are less credible since you'll never be pregnant.
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