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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Some feel EJ Manual has more upside than Geno. Other draft experts think Nassib is more pro ready than Geno. Some feel that Barkley is just a better prospect than Geno as of right now, but he may have a lower ceiling. Point being that Geno Smith has too many questions to justify taking him real high in the draft IMHO. And when you have a top 10 pick, do you really want to take a chance like that, especially if you have holes all over the place?
The problem is that all the QB prospects have significant question marks associated with them as pro players. Geno Smith is the best athlete, throws quite a nice ball but can be slow to release and played in a system that makes his transition to a pro system very difficult.
Barkley has played in a pro friendly system and has good foot work, but does not throw a nice ball and his arm is not as powerful as it needs to be - he looks like Ponder or the ginger ninja from Cincy as a prospect.
Manuel is the best physical prospect as a passer, he is a huge man with a rocket arm and good athletic ability but he has not been particularly productive against some weaker defenses and he could be facing a huge learning curve trying to get up to speed with the pro game, his decision making isn't very good.
Nassib is a gunslinger first and foremost, he has a live arm with great power and decent accuracy. He is a lot like Cutler in a way, good prospect with an NFL arm but a risk taking player on the field who doesn't always use his progressions to get the best option.

Of the 4 I think Barkley has the highest floor, but the lowest upside due to his weak arm - he could make a career like Chad Pennington. Geno Smith is the most boom-bust type player, I think he has a ton of upside if he can be made to work in less gimmicky offense and if he learns to get rid of the ball faster, but he could also wash out completely like Jamarcus Russell did. Nassib is going to need a team to be patient with him, he will make mistakes but he could down the road become a solid starter if he gets some stability on the coaching side. Manuel is the wild card, some teams love the live arm and could draft him high but he is not going to be a good rookie starter if he follows the current trend of similar players.

I don't think Barkley is a 1st round pick, we have seen similar players (Brady Quinn, Ponder etc.) slip on draft day and I think Barkley will as well, I would not be surprised to see a team at the top of the order take him in the 2nd round.

I can't see a team in the top 5 draft a QB and I don't see the Jets going that way either. The Bills are the most obvious destination for a QB and I think they will have the top guy on their board. I could see the Eagles, Cardinals or Browns move into the lower half of the 1st round to get a QB.
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