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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
Pryor offers as much as Geno? I'm sorry, but that is simply not true.

As far as the Chiefs, the Alex Smith trade was a colossal mistake in my eyes. The guy is not good. To miss out on the player in the draft that can help your team the most because you already made a mistake like that is simply doubling the stupidity.

Also, which QBs available later in the draft have the same talent as Geno?
Some feel EJ Manual has more upside than Geno. Other draft experts think Nassib is more pro ready than Geno. Some feel that Barkley is just a better prospect than Geno as of right now, but he may have a lower ceiling. Point being that Geno Smith has too many questions to justify taking him real high in the draft IMHO. And when you have a top 10 pick, do you really want to take a chance like that, especially if you have holes all over the place?
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