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Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
I wouldn't be. QB is one of only a few positions where picking one early has actually improved the team, historically. If Geno tuns out to be even close to average, he'd improve either of those teams quite a bit.

I'd rather they got rid of their perfectly capable LT and replace him with the #1 overall. No improvement.
Sure QB is a position that can totally change a pretender into a contender. But it's also the position that can set a franchise back a few years. With the NFL having a salary cap for the first 10 picks there's way less chance of a franchise screwing themselves by taking a QB in the top 10, but you have to think about this: if you reach on a QB just because he's a QB you are leaving another player on the board that can help the team immediately while drafting a QB that may do nothing for the team. Furthermore, you can get that same talent at the QB position later in the draft. So, do you reach for a QB just because the player is a QB?

If chokeland takes Geno Smith with their first pick, it will be a huge mistake. They have needs all over the team and they just traded for another QB. I think that at this point and time Terrell Pryor offers as much as Geno Smith and Matt Flynn is just sitting there too.

If kc takes Geno #1 then they are taking a QB that will not beat out Smith. Smith just signed a big fat contract and maybe, maybe in 3 years Geno Smith is ready to compete but again, is that why you take a player number 1 overall, to sit on the bench?
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