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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
the scariest thing is, with EJ Manuel being rumored as the QB target of the Bills if Geno doesn't fall. that could mean that the QB's start to get snapped up before #28. of course that also means some prospects will slide.

i expect 3-4 QB's to go first round. Smith high, a surprise high(Probably Manuel), Nassib in the late 20's and maybe Barkley late first.

which could leave Glennon,Bray,Scott,Wilson to be had in the 3rd or later. which would be good value for us to pick up one of them. if we could grab Glennon in the 3rd i would be stoked. not that i want Oz to fail or anything, but he would give Oz competition and allow us to have a potential trade chip in the future. someone has to be dumb enough to fork over a Kevin Kolb type package if we draft and develop another QB right.
I'm not sure how many QBs go in the first round this year as most of the elite and blue chip talent are at other positions. There's a good chance Geno Smith is taken by the Bills even though they have Kolb. There's also rumors that the Eagles will take Smith but again, this is complete speculation. One thing is pretty much for sure, kc is desperate to trade down.

Let's assume kc trades down, this will affect a lot of things. Whoever trades up with kc is doing so in order to get a LT, not Geno Smith. So with kc trading down I'm thinking they may still draft a QB somewhere in the second round.

There are also other rumors that chokeland likes Geno Smith. All I can say is that If either kc or chokeland takes Geno Smith, I'll be a very happy camper. I'm actaully wishing kc just goes ahead and takes Geno with the #1 pick. That would be fantastic.
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