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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
It's not an Elite draft at all, but that does NOT mean it isn't a quality draft. This is the deepest Draft through 4 rounds I have ever seen. Legit Starting level prospects who can come in right away and replace sub standard starters all over rosters.

What it does not have, is a ton of sure fire, can't miss all pros at the top of the draft in skill positions like QB, WR, RB, and DE. So, the Premium positions are lacking star power, but WR and DT are the deepest Classes I have ever seen and CB and Safety are extremely deep as well. The DB's in this draft are not Elite, but there are so many guys who can come in and play the #2 and #3 spots for teams and therefore get about 65% of the snaps on defense that there is no way you can say this is a poor draft overall.

You can say it lacks Elite players in the top 10 out side of the OL which has 5 of the Best prospects in years coming out though. It is a good year to restock and dump below average players who still are on rosters. It's a tremendous opportunity to build with young players and long term IMHO.
With this in mind, wouldn't the smart strategy then be:
1. Don't trade up unless the value is way lopsided in your favor(may not happen).
2. Trade back for more picks when the same quality of a player is certain to be had later on.
3. Draft BPA at position of need in early rounds.
4. Draft BPA at DT & WR in later rounds.

...or something like that.

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