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fan for life is nice and all. personally i agree with you. but some people root for a team because it's close or just root for it on the basis of liking a certain player.
all being a fan for life really does is allow you to go through the entire ups and downs of the franchise. generally that's how the Bengals and other ****ty franchise stay afloat. because they know that despite the fan unrest they can still make money and not really have to do well because people would rather complain and be a part of something than to leave and force change.
I have a certain level of respect for fans who have stuck with teams who have decades of failure. I'm not talking about the fringe fan. I'm talking about the pirates fan who's had season tickets through decades of failure. The chief fan whose gone decades with nothing to show. The Milwaukee bucks fan. Being a fan is a great thing and yes you're right it's up to the fan whether they want to jump ship or not. Personally I just have a ton more respect for the fan who stays with one team throughout.

Certainly KCStud knows how to be loyal to one ****ty team being a chiefs fan. I can respect that. Just was curious if he was a fan of another NBA team before the sonics moved.
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