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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
side note: i hate the way these guys where their hats. bend the brim and pull the ****ing thing down! any other variation is intended for rappers and the mentally handicapped.
Are you suggesting your way of wearing a hat is the "right" way to wear a hat?

Is there somewhere that says bending the brim is the right way to do it?

You sound like a racist guy.

Buy hey I'm not surprised... I'm pretty sure a powerful/rich/successful man or woman wouldn't agree with your daily outfits either.

side note: let me add that your thought process, at its core is the same as the north koreans. But you probably will read this sentence and think "comparing a hat and north koreans!!!" and let the whole point fly right over your head.

I believe the mentally handicapped are the ones with a closed is a sickness to think there is only 1 way of doing something. Anything.

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