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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
But why hollow point ammo? Why is DHS buying hollow point ammo for target practice? Hollow point ammo is way more expensive. I'll give them a pass on buying .40S&W ammo because it is the most popular law enforcement ammo but that is usually with local law enforcment, like sherrif departments and city police. The feds is another question, I'm not so sure they don't go with the standard NATO 9mm round because that is what the US Military uses, so buying in bulk for the feds make sense, no?

Fact is, the current administration has people scared (or paranoid) and this is why everyone is buying up ammo. The .22 caliber is the most widely owned caliber in the USA and hence, everyone and their grandmother is buying the stuff up.
I have not read the contract with ATK, but it is a IDIQ and I'm sure that there are multiply CLIN (Contract Line Items) where DHS can place order against each line item dependent on the demand. So most likely there is a CLIN for Hollow Points and another for regular Full Metal Jacket.
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