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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
Nobody is "blaming" anything on anybody, however there is report that a suspicious-acting Saudi was tackled by a citizen. Police sources said this Saudi reeked of gunpowder and asked how many were dead when questioned under guard in the hospital in Boston. NY Post broke this story citing several police sources.

Other mainstream sources have gone along with official police word that no suspects are in custody yet have admitted someone Saudi was questioned and that the feds went into someone's apartment and took things out of it. The NY Post is saying that apartment belonged to the same Saudi.

As far as the KKK goes, they're 4 guys in a phone booth and 2 of them are FBI informants.

Anyone who thinks the KKK is as likely to have done this as Islamists has been living with their head in the ground.
The guy has been officially cleared and is no longer considered a person of interest. Take if for what it's worth, it was reported on CNN and FOX NEWS.
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