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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
This is such a tragic cluster **** by the US Military.
We can't say we don't have it coming. Love our forces and love the patriotism that's instilled in us as we grow. But still, we can't deny our forces have gone stray in some cases to justify a political agenda.

We still don't know who is behind it (I am beginning to think this is more than likely an isolated incident with one of our own crazy person), but people arguing that we should never have nothing coming to us on our soil don't pay attention to the uncensored/uncontrolled news.

Just look at what generation Kill pulled of in Irak and Afg. For those who don't know what generation kill is I suggest looking up a documentary with the same name.

Don't want to take away anything from talking about prayer and the victims, but I just want end this by saying that you must be crazy to not be able to comprehend the hate towards us in the Middle East and its nearby regions.

This comment on a video hit it right out of the park.

When young men/women who are ask to kill. A kill is a kill the only difference is self justification and justification for the purpose of war. When a killer finds out he/she killed for profit over principle it is still devastating. When your fighting for the cause of freedom is one thing, To kill for the profit of few it's disgraceful on a personal level for all involved except for the Elitist. Carpe deim, Molon Labe. OORAH!
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