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TJ Ward!

The ignorance KILLS me on this thread. I really fail to see how it's Obama's fault for this. Also, you can't blame every bombing on Muslims. The religion is a peaceful and practices nonviolence, it's just the extremist who do these types of things. There are extremist in every religion even in America. For example, the KKK wants to kill Jews, Blacks, and foreigners but they believe in the lord (doing him a favor). That's stupid, insensitive, and down right ignorant to believe that a WHOLE entire religion is responsible for this. You don't know who did this or what is there motive yet. Slow down Rambo and let's think this through.

Lastly, it's REALLY easy to say yeah I'm mad we SHOULD goto war and kill this person or that person when you nor your closest kin are not the one going and doing it. I bet if you or someone you love dearly is put into a situation of having to goto war and right people that can and will actually kill you that you would think twice about it.
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