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Tiller was prosecuted, and was acquitted, in Kansas, of any wrong doing in his practice. Later the prosecutor was found to be going outside the law to attempt to convict, and still failed to prove his case.

But all that's beside the point. If Tiller *did* break the law, then .. he broke the law. And once again we're back to: that's not accepted.
The subject here isn't criminal law. It's media bias. OJ was prosecuted, and was acquitted. As was Casey Anthony. If something happened to either one, I doubt you'd see media organizations making either one out as some kind of hero.

Anyway, the second confirming "doctor" Tiller utilized (specializing in Laser Hair Removal) had her license to practice revoked when the State discovered she was approving viable fetus homicide for such obvious mental incapacities as the fear of missing prom. In fact, in testifying before the medical board, she couldn't remember a single case where she'd denied a late-term abortion request.

The name of the game was 'access' and 'choice' at any human cost. And the media that couldn't bring itself to talk about hundreds of infant beheadings had no trouble repeatedly making this guy out as some kind of saint.

"If the baby is born alive, that is sloppy medicine"
Some people need a new definition of "medicine"
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