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Originally Posted by IHaveALight View Post
So now that we know that the public is buying ammo, we now also know that DHS hasn't been stockpiling. Good to know, thanks for the heads up.
The DHS hasn't been stockpiling. They've negotiated bulk pricing agreements for large amounts of ammo (~2bn over five years), but their actual purchases have not been anywhere near that much.

The 2bn number is the maximum number of units they can get at the bulk discounts they have -- a protection for the suppliers not the DHS.

Last time I checked, the hardest ammo to get a hold of, period, was .22LR. Also happens to be by far, the most popular ammo (9mm coming in second) because it's usually dirt cheap and has no recoil making it particularly fun to shoot (varmints, plinking, w/e) in large amounts.
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