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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Why? All i am saying is one reason a liberal like Obama may not like legalization is because marijunana is included in a lot of international agreements we have to battle drugs. Also he probably does think it won't be good for the overall health of the nation even though alcohol probably worst. I'm not all over the map i said that many drug trafficking treaties we have with the international community have marijuana listed along with other drugs. Do you deny that? because its a fact. My point is Obama probably doesn't want to deal with having to change those agreements just so weed can be legal at the fed level. Better and easier to just not enforce the law.

Thats why i like the idea of decriminalization over legalization. Its easier.

Also I don't like the idea of a huge surtax on weed or govt regulations no how strong it can be which is what they do when they get involved. Then my last point has always been the tax windfall wont be what legalization proponents think. I heard 100 billion a yr in one article lol.
So you want to keep the money flowing into the bank accounts of drug cartels. Splendid idea.

And what right does this or any government have to tell me what I can put in my own body as long as I'm not endangering anybody else?

F--k the international treaties. The entire war on drugs has got to go.

That's why I like the idea of legalization over decriminalization.
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