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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
You got quite angry and began negbombing me when I mentioned IQ scores. What's the difference? I certainly said nothing controversial - it's not only mentioned in psychology books but also some sociology ones as well.
No reputable, peer reviewed research has ever supported the idea that there IQ and "race" are linked.

It's based on your own words, but regardless of that none of it would have been an issue had you not decided to attack myself and other posters here in personal ways due to their politics which brought fair turnaround in your direction to which you reacted to like a child in a candy store.
At least you aren't as bad as lonestar, but the mods find you equally annoying. Oops.

Originally Posted by Pony Boy
You know nothing about Native Americans because if the Sioux gave you a name it would be "Two Dogs".
That isn't the Sioux word for dog, brah!

Originally Posted by Doc Douche
That, or "Broken Rubber."
The wit and charm of a five year old at 36. Vroom, vroom.

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