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Sigh. You're smarter than this. I know you are. If you'd actually take the time to read and understand what I posted you wouldn't be making stupid, inaccurate statements like this. I'll even do you the favor of re-posting something from one of the articles I already posted that almost seems as if it was written directly to you.
As you read and metabolize the story and the debate, consider, yes, that media could have covered it a little better, think more broadly, too, about the many different ways in which the failure to catch Gosnell's horrible practices early enough represents significant systemic failures that have little to do with abortion.
Little to do with Abortion? Funny, but right there in the Grand Jury report, it primarily implicates Political "access" concerns as the reason annual inspections no longer took place and mind-blowing complaints or even deaths weren't even followed up on. They were afraid they'd have to shut clinics down. And they didn't want to.
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