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Bey Bey Thomas

Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
at the time as much as dumping these guys sucked, i think we are better off for it. Cutler isn't an elite QB and after 7 seasons he isn't looking like he will become one. Marshall is a great receiver but a massive headache and DT has filled his role anyway. Doom is the one that hurts because of his contributions to this franchise.

I've gotten over the fact that we let them go (Marshall needed to go, and Cutler's situation has been beat to death time and time again)

What I struggle to get over is that we pretty much blew the all the picks we got for them on horrible draft choices and terrible trades.

I mean the 2009 draft was an abomination. Over drafting Ayers in the first, after one decent year in college and he didn't even fit our scheme then. We could've took Clay at that spot or Orackpo with our earlier pick.

Also, trading a first for a 2nd to take a slow, midget CB who we cut the following year, and trading two 3rds to move back in to the 2nd and take a primary blocking TE that was projected by most scouts to go 3-4 rounds later.

Tim Tebow was a bad choice as well, although we made up for that a bit with our later picks in that draft.

This isn't hindsight, BTW. Most people first guested these picks/trades when they happened. (aside from the McD nuthuggers)

Just really bad management of assets and I'm glad the guy that's responsible is long gone.
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