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Default Gub'mint buying up all the bullets? Nope

Lot of conspiracy theories about the DHS buying up all the ammo.

Want to know what's really happening? Load this site in your browser:

then pick a popular ammo, like 9mm.

It's a "search engine" that crawls all the online dealers who sell ammo, and alerts you (with a beep) when it finds ammo in stock.

I was wanting to pick up some 9mm ammo the other day, and of course it's hard to find. So I loaded this up. It's actually pretty crazy. I get a beep, and click on the link, and before I can successfully log in to the particular site and purchase the ammo (< 20 seconds), it's gone.

This is why everything's out of stock even on line folks: lots of panic, and untold thousands using tools like that site (and likely some folks writing bots that automatically purchase too -- it's trivial to do)
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