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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I can't imagine anybody trading up for EJ Manuel. There may be somebody stupid enough, though. Could be good for Denver. Yeah, there will be opportunities for Elway to trade down, how much he'll get for the #28 will only be clear on draft day.

There will be a good player at #28, but Denver only has a few holes to fill one of them being RDE. So I'm thinking if Damontre Moore falls, they'll grab him at 28. They won't have another chance until late 2nd, but they can move around. Gonna be interesting . . . .
As an FSU fan, I've been extremely critical of E.J. His accuracy was suspect earlier on in his career, he made some fumbles and terrible reads, but he did improve his last year. He won us a ton of games and played in an offense that has him prepped more for the NFL than most of the guys coming out of school (unlike Geno Smith) -- in addition to that, he has pretty good skills, is a leader and very smart.

He knows what to expect coming into the league and it sounds like he has interviewed well and impressed a lot of teams. He got invited to the draft. I'd be surprised if he is someone who will be sitting there for a long time. We will see though.

I don't think he should be drafted THAT high, but this is a terrible QB class and he is probably more pro-ready than a majority of them.
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