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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
I don't think Denver needs to even consider moving up in the first round. I think a trade down with a team who wants Nassib or Manuel (if the Bills don't take Nassib Top 10) would be ideal, unless there is a guy they have so highly rated they cannot pass up.

The real value in this draft is going to be late first round through the top 75 picks. I think there are a lot of players in that area at positions of need who can really impact this team. I am hoping Denver can manage to get a few more picks somehow, or positions themselves better in rounds 2-4. We don't have a ton of huge needs, but we need to get more impact immediately from this class than what we did last year.

Derek Wolfe was a stud, but everyone else was just a marginal or low-key contributor.

No more Osweiler-esque picks and while Hillman could be great, we blew our loads moving up for guys when we probably didn't have to.
I think we might also get the team that moves back into the bottom of the 1st round to take Barkley or Bray in the first round. People might laugh, but it happens like clockwork. . . GM's reach for a QB in the low 20's.
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