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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Says the 26 year old loser going nowhere fast.
I call it like it is. Your political diatribe is beyond pathetic. Like I said, stick to Operation and bragging online about having cool guns and money. I mean seriously, are you that empty that you feel the need to consistently indulge in self-gratification on internet forums? It is sad.

Furthermore, you don't know dick about me. The fact that you are ten years older than me and feel the need to consistently cast assumptions on my life when you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground is beyond pathetic. I do well for myself and am completely happy with where I am at in life. Sorry that I don't share your love for guns and money. Wasn't raised that way. Wait, I won't apologize for not being an abhorrent, materialistic turdball.

But please, continue your childish internet facade. You should start a "Ask A Surgeon" anything thread on 4chan's /b. Youse so smarts.

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