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Trey Gowdy

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
So you think the major media outlets had a conference call and said, "let's join together and not cover this story"? Or, what?

The major media outlets are owned by huge corporations that all have one major motive: profits. If they thought this story was a big seller they would have sold it. If anything, this has more to do with their "discomfort" in covering these topics more than some liberal conspiracy. Just like the media didn't cover all the lies that got us into the Iraq war. And just like the media doesn't cover the major fraud that was perpetrated by Wall St. at the start of the Great Recession. You'd think a liberal media conspiracy would be all over those topics, no? The media has no backbone. That's the issue. This has nothing to do with some liberal conspiracy. It's a good story for your right wing propaganda outlets to get people like you stirred up. But it's crap. And you should be smart enough not to fall for it.
Riiiight. They were plenty comfortable broadcasting live testimony of Jodi Arias discussing her anal sex fetish, and the manner in which she slashed and shot her boyfriend to death. They were plenty comfortable discussing the gruesome remains in graphic detail of Caylee Anthony. We've seen wall to wall coverage of a basketball coach who throws basketballs at his players and calls them f*ggots. We had wall-to-wall national coverage including live disembarking of the poop cruisers. But not a singe mention of this trial.. not one.. on any national broadcast network. Nothing to see here. Move along.
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