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Mike Shanahan

Cardinals draft results:

1-07 (07): Arizona (TheReverend)- Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan
-Team solidifies the OL by nabbing one of the best T prospects in a long time. I call him "White Clady"
2-06 (38): Arizona (TheReverend)- Matt Barkley, QB, USC
-Team lands QBOTF by landing a high first round QB at the start of the second. The Carson Palmer trade kinda screwed this by probably close to a full round of value though, but kinda self-imposed after a good but far from great pro day :/
3-07 (69): Arizona (TheReverend)- Robert Alford, CB, SELU
-Between Peterson, Cason and Fleming, this creates the best and deepest young group of CBs in the league.
4-06 (103): Arizona (TheReverend)- David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado
-Kick into guard and can immediately plug in as a starter with his skillset
5-07 (140): Arizona (TheReverend)- Jordan Hill, DT, Penn State
-Good rotational player behind Campbell and Dockett with a ton of upside
6-06 (174): Arizona (TheReverend)- Chris Gragg, TE, Arkansas
-Great measurables and a ton of upside. Drafted to help Barkley develop, his floor is as a special teams asset.
6-08 (176): Arizona (TheReverend)- T.J. Barnes, DT, Georgia Tech
-Great measurables and a ton of upside. Can rotate with Dan Williams, but may take time to develop. First year PS candidate.

UDFA Class:

Tyrone Goard, WR, Eastern Kentucky
-6'4, over 200 lbs and 4.4 straight line speed. Excellent prospect to develop behind Fitzgerald, Roberts and Floyd.
Matt Furstenburg, TE, Maryland
-Top performer at the TE position at vert, 40, and both shuttles, combined with a killer showing in positional drills at the combine. UDFA steal.
Braden Brown, OT, BYU
-Extremely athletic combined with ideal size. I think he's a VERY intriguing prospect to make the switch to LG.
Tanner Hawkinson, OT, Kansas
-Development potential. Former TE. More of a technician and cerebral player... needs to have bending coached out of him and improve hip flexibility. At worst, a solid PS addition.
Jason Weaver, OT, Southern Mississippi
-Big and strong with loads of potential. 2nd team All-Conference in Conference USA... yeah, yeah, but it was coming off a pretty significant injury, so it's more impressive than it sounds. Excited about him.

Welp... that really completes my "boom or bust" draft class of 2013. If 1/5th of them live up to their potential, it should be a great haul. I'm really excited to look back at this one in 2-3 years.

Between the OL additions, the return of Levi, as well as expectations for Potter and Massie, protection and running the football are certainly issues of the past (barring injury).

Barkley can sit behind another USC QB, the secondary is beyond stacked, solid TEs have been added to work the underneath behind an excellent WR corps and the best 5 tech combo in the game has some talented rotational depth, and Dan Williams has competition and rotation at the nose.

Time to run out and sign a LB and S from the FA market.

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