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Bradley Roby

In this particular draft I'd agree with his statement. You have some decent interior-line prospects, a couple of decent LT prospects and some quality 4-3 DT's. There is enough depth at all of these positions in this draft to find guys in the teens to late 20's. Not a guy that you want to go ape**** over with a top 5 pick though.

If you're picking in the top 10, you need a franchise QB. There isn't one worthy of taking top 10.

Floyd will be good, but top 5 good?

If you're looking for a top flight CB, there's only one, and although I think he'll be an above average starter, I don't think Milner has a Champ, Woodson, or even Patrick Peterson type ceiling.

If you're looking for a big, physical, freak-like WR (Calvin Johnson type), there isn't one.
If you're looking for a big, physical, freak, RB (AP type), there isn't one.

It's just not a good draft to suck and pick in the top 5.

I like Kenny Vacarro, but top 5 on a SS?

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