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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by bombay View Post
Hochman skipped over what happens if the Nuggets and Clippers have the same record. He went from the Nuggets have the best record to the Clippers have the best record. It was my impression that the Nuggets hold the tie-breaker that results in home court. I'm concerned only with home court advantage in the playoffs, not seeding.

Having re-read what he wrote, he said that the seeding doesn't necesarily matter when it comes to home court. The Nuggets could be the lower seed and still have home court. Which is what we've always known.
Yeah you're right about home court. But we really need the 3rd seed. We need that matchup with either Golden State or Houston. It would be much better and easier to get that than a first round matchup with the Grizzlies, followed by a matchup with a rested Thunder or Spurs team, who will IMO sweep the Lakers or Jazz. We need a 4 or 5 game first round series, not a grueling 7 game series against the Grizzlies.

Just take care of business. Portland today, Milwaukee tomorrow, and Phoenix Wednesday. They can do that.
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