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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
I don't support or condone what this one man did,but I don't believe the ultimate goal by the right is to make this national news,but to use this as a way to paint all abortions as horrific.
Since the only way to remotely paint all abortions as horrific through this story would be to ignore that the pregnancies were very late-term, it seems to me you've got little to nothing to base this opinion on.

Besides, the liberal media is covering it up nicely, so you should feel comfortable. They're still too busy demonizing guns and gun owners due to Holmes and Lanza.

Semiautomatic rifles are used in less than 1% of gun crimes and less than 25% of mass shootings, but let's leave wet, smelly streaks on our computer chairs because these things are such a menace, killing folks left and right all the flipping time. While we're at it, in order to feel better, let's tell people to use shotguns for defense instead in spite of that shotguns kill more people every year than all types of rifles combined.

Then after that, let's take the MENSA entry test because we're certain shoe-ins.
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