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Ty Lawson

Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
The reactions to this are kind of funny to me. This is a real human moment to me. I can't help but try to see things from his perspective for a moment and wonder what it might be like to be in the same situation, frustrated, and looking into the void of your future. Not many celebrities give their fans and haters a peek into their psyche like this. This is a genuine peek into his soul.

I'm no Kobe fan, but I can't deny the guy is a winner, and I'm definitely interested to get this glimpse at his thought process at such a profound juncture in his life.
Would you really expect anything less from the populous of this board? This thread went about as expected.

I'm definitely a Kobe guy. Hate the Lakers, but he's an absolute legend. Hope he can make it back.
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