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Media Coverage and the Gosnell Trial.

Just the facts. Not posters whining about a lack of their "values" being represented in the media, which is what we have going on here.

The problem with this line of approach is there is no debate to be had about any of these questions. If one is asking "should abortion clinics be regulated and safe?" then who would possibly answer "No"? As a legal matter, these issues have all be addressed. The state may have failed in its duty to enforce the laws in the Gosnell case, but the laws are there to be enforced and no one thinks they should be taken away.
Really? This Herpderp can't connect this to any of the hotly contested debates about abortion, partial-birth abortion, fetal-viability, born-alive provisions, moment-of-personhood, underage and parental notification restrictions, or basically any restrictions whatsoever on abortion in any form? Every one of these issues is hotly and repeatedly debated. The fact is he says there's nothing to be debated only because there's nothing he wants debated. This is a better implication of his bias than anyone else could have provided.
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