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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
Your article is shiat because there is no explanation or excuse for a complete media blackout of a serial killer charged with decapitating newborn infants born alive and viable. None, except that liberals are afraid that a serial killer trial might cast aspersions on their cause.
Right. Just like Harry Reid is afraid that being in favor of an assault weapons ban will get him voted out of office, despite the fact he is not up for re-election for quite some time.

Read the article again and use your brain. As I said earlier, you are crying about it because you feel that your values aren't being represented in the media, despite the fact that there has been stories on this for years and with the grand jury report recently released, more facts to speculate on the issue are now available.

Of course, that just blew by you. Most things in WRP seem to.

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