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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
How did we get from a Camaro thread to taking about Bugattis? That's like 1.5 million more than the Camaro.

Lots of platforms will accept turbocharging and supercharging with extremely good results (in reference to the Saturn). Look up Pontiac G6 Lingenfelter if you want to see another platform that can get extreme results (drag racing), from "maxing out" the base engine with heavy modifications
Yeah, it's not a fair comparison, but neither is a race car to a street car. But, your Brothers car compares to that on a more even basis, based on HP alone, but still weighs a lot less, and has no A/C. L O L

I mean, compare Usain Bolt to me in a 100 meter dash, he'd look like your brothers Camaro!
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