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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by hades View Post
I'm gonna guess the new Camaro had street tires, not slicks. Your Brother probably pulled a low 1 second 60 foot time, the new one, I'd guess in the low 2's. The new Camaro would probably be lucky to run that same ET in the 1/8th mile, not a 1/4 mile.

Here's a Bugatti Veyron's times...

Quick summary of the test results: 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, 1/4 mile in 10.4 seconds @ 139.9 mph, 60-0 in 104 feet (better than Ferrari Enzo and the Ford GT, trails the much lighter Porsche Carrera GT by only 3 feet) and a curb weight of 4,530 pounds. The numbers were generated with the "idiot-proof" launch control working, it basically keeps the RPMs below 4,000 for the first 2 seconds, shows just how powerful the engine is as it doesn't even need full power for such an amazing 0-60 time. Check out the video for the full Bugatti Veyron experience.

I remember seeing a Youtube video of some 4 door Saturn with a big turbo, kid was whipping the crap outa anything he ran up against.
How did we get from a Camaro thread to taking about Bugattis? That's like 1.5 million more than the Camaro.

Lots of platforms will accept turbocharging and supercharging with extremely good results (in reference to the Saturn). Look up Pontiac G6 Lingenfelter if you want to see another platform that can get extreme results (drag racing), from "maxing out" the base engine with heavy modifications
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