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Rod Smith

The trade for Allen was done so there's no going back on that. I have to salvage something with the next 3 picks at 90, 120 and 125.

B - Running Backs

B1 Ball
B2 Bell
B3 Lattimore
B4 Taylor
B5 Bernard

F - OL

F1 Frederick
F3 D Thomas
F4 Winters
F5 Bakhtiari

K - Defensive End

K2 B Jenkins
K4 J Simon

M - Defensive Tackle

M2 Logan
M3 B Williams
M4 A Spence

J - Outside LB N Inside LB

J1 C Thomas
J2 S Porter
N1 K Reddick
N2 K Alonso
J3 Z Gooden

T - Cornerback

T1 Gratz
T2 Alford
T3 Webb
T4 Ryan
T6 McFadden

X - Safety

X2 S Thomas
X3 S Williams
X4 JJ Wilcox
X6 Jefferson
X7 McDonald
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