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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post

I searched the US Berkeley Physics-Astronomy library for over a year and never found any research proving that the material in cometary tails is outgassed from the nucleus. Not one paper.

For that matter I never found any research proving that the material in the coma of comets outgassed from the nucleus. In the absence of evidence -- you have to conclude that these are assumptions.

You clearly subscribe to the ice hypothesis. But you are giving too much credit to those who presume to know.

Please post the evidence -- or papers -- that back up your assertion -- and I'll look at it.
We've been over this before gaff-o. Just because you're too dishonest to accept it doesn't mean the evidence doesn't exist. Mountains of evidence exist about the composition of comets and their tails (including directly collected samples and nice pictures showing out-gassing occurring -- as well as the direct measurement data that demonstrates both the composition and dynamics of those jets).

I'd called you a moron, but clearly your issue is a deep seated, fundamental inability to engage the real world with even an iota of integrity.
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