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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
IDK, After reading what Med posts about our D scheme to get the plays to flow to the outside I don't think they would send pressure from the middle.

I am thinking they might go with a low 1st tier/high 2nd tier project who they can coach up rather than go with a guy like Teo who could bust at the pro level. Seems like Teo's play in the Championship game will haunt him more than his fake lover.
I'm ok with or without T'eo, that's for sure. I would rather get one of the top CB's. I'm just saying that I personally believe he is much better than the National Championship game showed, and we really need to judge him by his body of work which is excellent.

My assumption about a-gap blitzing is purely hypothetical. I'm saying that I would do it as a defensive coordinator, not necessarily that Del Rio will choose to. T'eo's tape shows that he is pretty "slippery" getting through the line when that's his assignment. My theory is to always gameplan to my player's strengths, ergo my comment.

I think tht the one thing we can be sure of with Elway/Fox defenders is that they are "scheme diverse." Once again, I believe that T'eo's abilities allow him to be more scheme diverse than the other "first round" selections, but once again I'm not pimpig him. I just won't be surprised if we do take him at 28.
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