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We're in "win now" mode. I would expect our top draft choices to all be immediate starting and/or impact players.
I would agree with you if the 2012 draft had the same approach. The Broncos drafted a QB in the 2nd round to be developed behind Manning. They traded up in the 3rd round to select a small, raw, situational RB that must develop a stronger body, work on pass protection and receiving skills before he can have a bigger role as an ever-down player. When the 3rd round was over, the team had one player ready to be a starter and make an immediate impact. And then in the 4th round they drafted a stiff CB that missed the entire 2011 season with a torn ACL.

You might be right, and it's the guess that makes most sense, but I'm skeptical. It looks like the Broncos follow their board and keep a balance between immediate impact that can fill a need and players they really like and want to develop for the future. When a team wins 13 games and is considered one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, the holes and desperate needs probably are not many. Obviously, you can always upgrade any position on the roster unless you already have a future Hall of Famer there.

A 13-3 team drafting heavily based on need will likely have very limited options and the draft board will be corrupted. Maybe the Broncos will change their approach and search exclusively for immediate starters, but it will be something very different compared to what they did last year. I also thought they would go "all-in", "win now", "plan A" in last year's draft.
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