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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Mat'hir Uth Gan View Post
Oh, now you're being silly. I didn't post a ton the last few years on this site, but I'm guessing you just aren't a fan of Mike Adams. That's fine, we all have our own dislikes towards certain players. I never liked DJ Williams because we drafted him over Vince Wilfork.

According to his snap count though, Adams played in 98% of all the snaps last year, and was pretty much at 100% down the stretch and into the playoffs. So was Rahim. Leonhard played roughly 15 snaps per game, mostly in our Dime package.

Adams may or may not suck, but Leonhard had no bearing on his play count. We had 1161 defensive snaps last season, Adams played in 1097 of them, while Leonhard played on 289.
Ugh, he played that much and still couldn't manage a pick?
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